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Meet Jeremiah James Herrin Band

Where country soul meets bluegrass roots, that's the core of the Jeremiah James Herrin Band.  You might recognize the "Herrin" name from the notorious country gospel band, The Herrins, where Jeremiah first fell in love with country music as lead singer & lead guitar in his family band.  After years of performing country gospel music, the band transitioned into a progressive Bluegrass Band where Jeremiah toured & recorded with his own band and several other bands in the genre.  With the help of long-time friend and musical comrade, Alan Tompkins, The Herrins became a notable presence in the country gospel realm.


They shared the stage with top Bluegrass bands including: Dan Tyminski, J.D Crowe, Ralph Stanley, The Boxcars, Alison Krauss, Marty Raybon, Leann Womack, Del McCoury and many others. Jeremiah always maintained a love & passion for country music, and he decided to step out on his own to build a grass roots band to share the stage with him.  He combined his deep-rooted love for Bluegrass and Classic Country music to create something that is hard-driving and really moves you. 

As the 2019 runner up in the "Dallas Star..." musican/songwriter , opportunity after opportunity have been thrown in front of the Jeremiah James Herrin Band, and they are hungry for more.  While his connection to bluegrass and country is clearly present in his sound, he has created a following that is uniquely his.  From humble roots and big dreams, you'll find Jeremiah James Herrin to be a sucker for his fans

With Jeremiah James you hear the result of endless jam sessions, bar gigs, bluegrass festivals and hours learning from other musicians.  Jeremiah James Herrin is known for his clean & crisp banjo playing along with his distinct voice & authentic songwriting that makes you simply want to get up, spin your girl and dance.  Jeremiah James always seems to keep you guessing what is coming next--  and he likes it that way.

Jeremiah James goes back into the studio this Spring to record a brand NEW single. 

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