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Jeremiah Herrin is a country music artist and writer with Bluegrass roots and country gospel soul.  His first introduction of many was as the lead guitarist & lead singer for his family country gospel band, The Herrins.  After years of performing country gospel music, the band transformed into a progressive Bluegrass Band. Jeremiah toured & recorded with his own band and several other bands in the genre.  With the help of long-time friend and musical comrade, Alan Tompkins, The Herrins became an outstanding band.


The Herrins shared the stage with all the the top Bluegrass bands including:

Dan Tyminski, J.D Crowe, Ralph Stanley, The Boxcars, Alison Krauss, Marty Raybon, Leann Womack, Del McCoury and many others.  Jeremiah always maintained a love & passion for country music, and he decided to step out

on his own and build a grass roots band to share the stage with him. He now combines his deep-rooted love of Bluegrass & Classic Country music to create something that is hard-driving and really moves you. 

"Growing up in a musical family, my dad was constantly making music and always had an instrument laying around to pick on."  Pair that with having a desire to learn, a passion for music, the Lord above and lots of people to learn from-- music became the constant in his life.  "Having a family of talented players & singers is what molded me into the artist I am today”. 


With Jeremiah Herrin you hear the result of endless jam sessions, bar gigs, bluegrass festivals and countless hours learning from other musicians. Known for his original, crisp banjo playing, his distinct voice and relatable songwriting, Jeremiah seems to always keep you guessing what is coming next--  and he prefers it that way.


For information, booking & more, email us:  jeremiahandbluhaze@gmail.com


"This dude is so incredibly talented! Every now and then you run across someone and just know that they're going to make it big.  Jeremiah is that guy. He truly has his own sound and definition."

- Rocky Martin

 Manager of American Beer Gardens

"I've booked a lot of bands and had several different songwriters come through here but Jeremiah Herrin songs are different. They mean something, tell a stories, leave you singing them the whole way home"

- Leon Adams

 Owner of Texas Pit BBQ

"He has a way about him.  You connect with his stories, his words and you leave a show completely connected.  He's a genuine guy who plays genuine music-- and that's so apparent on stage & behind the curtain.  Jeremiah Herrin is a true artist. "

- Kelly Stark


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